Member Countries Requested Date For Membership Approved Date Of Membership by: Received Date Of Instrument Of Accession Date Of Membership T.I.R Carnet Members Green Crad System Members
I.R.Iran Russia India
Kazakhstan 24,Oct,2000 7,Apr,2002 22,Feb,2003 31,Oct,2002 6,Aug,2003 6,Sep,2003 -
Belarus 19,March,2002 7,Apr,2002 22,Feb,2003 31,Oct,2002 14,Dec,2003 10,Jan,2004
Oman 8,Oct,2002 1,Feb,2003 13,May,2003 7,Jan,2003 8,Nov,2004 8,Dec,2004 - -
Tajikistan 20,June,2002 1,Feb,2003 13,May,2003 7,Jan,2003 8,Nov,2005 8,Dec,2005 -
Bulgaria 24,Apr,2001 8,June,2003 14,Feb,2006 31,Oct,2002 From 11,Apr 2006 Observer Member
Azerbaijan 31,Dec,2001 8,June,2003 11,Nov,2004 31,Oct,2002 12,Dec,2005 12,Jan,2006 -
Armenia 5,June,2001 8,June,2003 11,Nov,2004 31,Oct,2002 13,March,2006 13,Apr,2006 -
Syria 14,Jan,2004 5,July,2004 11,Nov,2004 11,June,2003
22,Feb,2006 -
Ukraine 23,Jan,2003 8,June,2004 14,Feb,2006 20,Apr,2004    
Turkey 14,March,2004 8,June,2004 14,Feb,2006 19,Nov,2004    
Kyrgyzstan 27,Sep,2004 2,Dec,2004 14,Feb,2006 17,Aug,2005;     -

*Among Founder Members: I.R.Iran is member of both of them (T.I.R Carnet & Green Card System),India doesn't have membership of them & Russian Federation is member of T.I.R Carnet & is going to join to Green Card System.